Chaos theory in graphs

Chaos theory in graphs


To understand chaos theory in graphs we need to know what chaos theory means?

Chaos theory explains the phenomenon of existence of order in a semingly unordered or chaotic ,disturbed what I mean to say is no matter how random things may seem it always has a reason that is it can be explained as a function of a set of variables.

With respect to graphs Chaos theory plays a major role in social network.So let’s take a sample problem of a party where 5 people are invited,and their relationship between any pair can be any element of the following set R= {friend,foe}.So, chaos theory demands that in this semingly unordered illustration order should emerge.Hence we come up on Ramsey theory.If we express the 5 people we invited to the party as nodes of a graph then the complete graph K5 will have a clique of 3 friends or 3 foes.Even though this may seem to be trivial this has a colossal impact on our understanding of the social networking .With respect to social networking the set R is modified to be R={friends,acquaintances,not friends}.So,the next time Facebook suggests you that a certain person could be a potential friend even though you do not have any mutual friends then remember this is how they do it.